IMN #1 — Tetiana

It’s Monday night. Let’s share some thoughts about an NFT artist I discovered today.

So, I want to talk about @spasi___sohrani last drop: a hilarious series of photos she took of her parents roughly dressed up in a horse, a flower and a siren.

The same type of frozen posture, the same slightly septic stiffness, can be found in all the characters. In front of the camera, they seem to be both impatient to get it over with and at the same time perfectly behaved.

It is the whole fiction of the family that is both designated as such and deconstructed in a direct but tender way. She points out the danger and makes fun of it: getting trapped in someone else's dream. It could be just me but there is a melancholic touch in these photos.

I have been told kitsch is a folding screen set up to curtain off death. In the end, it's just an image: you can hang it in the toilet, throw it in the bin or hang it in a modern art museum.

12:54 AM (CET), Tuesday, October 26th, 2021 — Collector: basileus