It's Monday Night

At the origin of the project, there is an observation: cryptoart is an artistic movement but almost nobody comments on it in aesthetic terms. The discourses on the technological, economic and marketing dimensions of NFTs leave little room for art criticism itself. Every day, hundreds of artworks (trash art, memes, generative art, glitch, digital painting, loops, animations, etc.) are produced and we may not yet have learned to look at them.

It's Monday Night reviews are an arbitrary philosophical exploration of the cryptoart world. Once a week, I choose an artist or a work that challenges me and try to interpret its meaning. Each IMN reflects the subjective vision of Professor Jun, and at the same time attempts to translate rigorously the artwork's thought into words.

An IMN is both an original creation and a piece of archive. It is a text that can be poetic, metaphysical, political, historical or a bit of all of these: Professor Jun's art daydreaming minted for eternity in the blockchain. IMNs have been tokenized as videos. Each video is generated by an algorithm that reads the review as it was published and types it in real time. The flow of writing, typos and pauses are indeterministically computed, which leads to the creation of a unique asset.

There will be only 37 IMN. The collection will be a partial map of the NFT space in the early 2020s. It will also be the trace of Professor Jun's journey into an unknown territory: the greatest artistic revolution of this century. 37 reviews for artists, collectors and museums of the past and future. 37 reviews that will testify to art's creativity in the digital age.